Frontier Eviction Services and Fees

The following services are available and you can choose one or more to accommodate your situation dependent upon where you are in the process. We work with each client on a case by case basis by offering an array of different services to assist your particular requirements.


Additional Services & Fees:

If Trial By Jury Is Requested:  $250

Post Foreclosure Evictions:  $150

Cases that owned in a Trust are subject to an addtional $175 special analytics fee

Appealed Cases will be assessed a $75 administrative fee for the processing of documents between the court, attorneys, and all related parties.

*Additional charges and restrictions may apply if your case requires additional service or needs not mentioned here, please inquire for details.  Additional fees may apply for cases located outside the 4 contiguous counties of Dallas, Tarrant, Denton & Collin Counties.

* All cases include up to one complimentary hour of time for owner and case manager questions.  If more than one hour is expended  including additional time answering phone calls, emails, or fax transmissions from client then an hourly rate of $150 per hour will be billed in minimum of 15 minute increments.

*All payments processed through Paypal will incur a minimum 3.75% convenience charge.

Documents may be emailed, faxed to 817-796-1433 or mailed to:

Frontier Evictions

14241 Dallas Parkway

Suite 650

Dallas TX 75254

Please note that fees are non-refundable once paid.  Our eviction service encompasses a tenant abatement program that includes initial settlement and resolution directly with your occupant, and in some instances we successfully recover the property for the owner without the necessity for trial, and the work expended is included in this service and their is no refund of fees if we are successful in our efforts to remove your tenant without the need for litigation.  This may or may not result in a money judgment in your favor if your occupants surrender without the need for a court hearing. We are not attornies nor do we profess to be and cannot and will not give legal advise, please consult a licensed attorney for legal questions.