4.Writ of Possession


In many cases the tenants leave after or even during eviction proceedings. There is a mandatory 5 day appeal period from the date the court issues a judgment before we can do this final step in the even the occupant has failed to leave.

If after 5 days from the date the court awards your property back to you and the tenant still has not moved out, we can now file for a writ of possession with the court. We strongly endorse this step as having the Writ of Possession filed can eliminate your liability with removing possessions, and protects you when assuming back possession of your property.

The constable or sheriffs will give the tenants 24 Hour Notice to vacate, and then we return to oversee their removal, change the locks and issue you new keys.

Please note this fee is for the writ of possession only and does not include the cost of movers and locksmiths. The Constables require that these tasks be executed during the writ of possession.