Q. I see there is an option for certified mail on the menu, how do I know whether to select this or not?
A. Certified mail is not required for eviction service , but Frontier Evictions recommends this method in case the occupants make the claim of non-receipt of notice.

Q. What is the difference between your standard and expedited evictions?
A. The difference is the outcome of time it takes to complete your eviction. Expedited evictions are our most expedient option, averaging three weeks. Standard averages five weeks.

Q. How long has Frontier Evictions been in business for?
A. We originally formed in 2008, our staff has years of experience doing eviction services for landlords.

Q. Are you licensed?
A. No we are not licensed attorneys and we do not profess to give landlord tenant law related advise. We are a professional eviction service and in the State of Texas a license is not required for an authorized agent when evicting a tenant for non-payment of rent.

Q. How many cases have you done?
A. Over the years, Frontier Evictions has successfuly instituted many successful eviction services with victorious results for individual property owners and property management companies alike.

Q. Do I have to appear at court?
A. No, frontier evictions services include appearing in court on your behalf as part of our service.

Q. Once I receive a judgement in my favor will Frontier Evictions act on collecting this judgement?
A. No, we do not perform commercial litigation or debt collection services. However we can make a referral to a licensed real estate attorney or collection agency for judgement enforcement.

Q. Will a process server be the one to serve my occupants?
A. No, the Constable of the precinct to which your property is located in will serve the citation after we issue the tenant eviction notice.

Q. What if my occupant does not open the door for the Deputy Constable to accept citation?
A. Here at Frontier Evictions, we take care of the steps involved in an unlawful detainer.

Q. After you have my court date, can the ruling be reversed?
A. Yes, the judge’s decision may be appealed by either party. However in our experience a very low amount of our cases see appeals. Frontier Evictions does not handle appeals and can defer you to a licensed real estate lawyer should this become necessary.

Q: The utilities are in the name of my real estate investment group and my lease requires the renters pay us for utility costs. Can I disconnect them since the tenant has not paid?
A: Since we are not property managers, we cannot make specific statements on this issue and recommend you defer to the provisions of your lease agreement or real estate attorney.

Q. I am concerned about my tenant violating terms of the lease and possibly causing damage to the property, what do I do?
A. Every landlord tenant relationship can pose certain challenges, and our focus is limited to evictions versus landlord real estate laws. If you suspect criminal activity we would encourage you to contact your local law enforcement department.