Reviews & Testimonials: What People Are Saying About Frontier Evictions

Reviews & TestimonialsYou can tell a lot about a company – ANY company – by reading the reviews and testimonials their clients are submitting about them.

We are both honored and humbled every time we see testimonials or positive reviews about the power evictions services we provide.  To know that our clients are happy with us really makes all of our hard work worth while!

Frontier Evictions Testimonials

Just check out what people are saying about Frontier Evictions!

Bao Tran says…

As property manager for several properties in the DFW area, I have hired Frontier Evictions to do a few of my evictions over the past couple years.  The process is straightforward and convenient and has saved me a lot of time and effort.

Bao Tran

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Mike T. says…

“We used them to help get our property back after our tenants stopped paying the rent. They went to court and got us a money judgement. We had previously used another Dallas eviction company that did not help us. Frontier Evictions was quick to get back to us and completed the process in less than 1 month and had very reasonable rates.”

Mike T.

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Jacob says…

“Thank you Frontier Evictions I got all the rent back my tenant owed, it was definitely worth it to use your service.”

– Jacob, San Jose California

(source: letter to Frontier Evictions)

Beth Denton says…

“As an out of town landlord, it became necessary to hire someone who could take care of my delinquent tenant issue.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  I highly recommend Frontier Evictions.”

– Beth Denton

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Bryan says…

“Your service was easy to use, fast and took the headache out of the process.”

– Bryan, Garland, TX

(source: letter to Frontier Evictions)

Paul Guthrie says…

“Frontier has done a great job for my company. We manage over 150 homes and taking the evictions out of our hands and giving it to the pros gives us more time to manage and grow.”

– Paul Guthrie

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Cherie says…

“Your firm has done a great job and I appreciate all you have done to help us get our property back.”

– Cherie, Galveston TX

(source: letter to Frontier Evictions)

L Hall says…

“Frontier Evictions helped me understand the eviction process and they were very efficient in filing the necessary court paperwork and even attended the court hearing on my behalf.  I highly recommend using the services they provide.”

– L Hall

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Teri Patterson says…

My renter in Dallas tax was several thousand dollars delinquent, hired this firm to do an unlawful detainer eviction and got everything resolved for me fast.

– Teri Patterson

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Isabelle Peterson…

I was looking for a company to help me with an eviction and I was very happy that they handled everything for me from start to finish! I highly recommend them!

-Isabelle Peterson

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damon nguyen…

Excellent professional eviction service. I used their services in the past and the eviction went smoothly without problems. I would recommend Frontier Eviction to anyone.

-damon nguyen

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George Hansen…

Excellent firm got my rental back and money awarded very fast.

-George Hansen

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